Harmonic Frequency
Facial Experience

  A harmonic frequency facial is non-invasive, non-toxic and restores the natural harmony of the facial muscles.

  This vibrational sound therapy is a needle-free treatment that effectively rejuvenates the face, mind, body and spirit. The vibrations are transmitted readily throughout the body and have the capacity to impact our cellular structure at the DNA level. When they are placed on specific parts of the face I.E, The neck, Jowls, forehead and around the eyes, vibrations are said to tighten sagging skin, eradicate dark circles, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate collagen.

This results in your face looking younger, brighter and more toned. Some say it's the non-jab equivalent to Botox. The tuning forks can boost blood flow which will give you a healthier color. The therapies work on the same principle of Chinese acupuncture, which follows the idea that our bodies energy or "Qi," flows through 12 main channels called meridians.

If this flow is interrupted, it can cause ill health and affect our appearance causing premature aging, dry skin and eye bags. Most people see a difference after just three 60 minutes sessions.


Harmonic Frequency Facial 

60 Min $100

Harmonic Frequency
Facial Package (3)

25% 0ff
(3) 60 mins Facials $225

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